Dr. Whipple can assist you with your more complex dental restorations. His experience is vast and he can offer additional resources as needed.

The most common complex dental restorations are for patients whose teeth have worn due to the following reasons:

Bruxism: This common disorder is the clenching or grinding of teeth while you sleep. Done involuntarily, we see patients with stress fractures or flat teeth caused by this disorder. Dr. Whipple is able to repair the damage and make recommendations as he sees necessary, possible recommendations include wearing a nightguard while you sleep.

Chemical Erosion: Increasing in awareness is teeth that have been eroded due to chemicals, namely acidity, in the foods and drinks we consume. We see patients who have significantly deceased the levels of enamel on their teeth, causing the hard layer of dentin to be exposed. Patients with erosion may feel sensitivity to hot and cold, and have a yellow appearance to their teeth due to the dentin showing through. We can help remineralize the enamel with in office treatments and at home treatments.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: known as GERD, this Is a digestive disorder that can cause damage to your teeth. Your stomach acids can cause damage to your teeth if you suffer from frequent reflux. Similar to a chemical erosion, the hard enamel layer is worn away with reflux. Additional issues such as TMJ, a jaw joint disorder, are also frequent dental disruption associated with GERD. Dr. Whipple can help. He can rebuild your enamel and relieve the symptoms of TMJ.

What is Complex Reconstruction?

Some patients may require reconstruction of severely damages areas. Complex dental restorations may include procedures that require the replacement of many, if not all, teeth on the patients lower or upper jaw. Dr. Whipple can discuss replacement of your teeth using a combination of dental crowns, bridges, dentures or dental implants.

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