Full mouth reconstruction is performed when a patient has no healthy teeth remaining. Dr. Whipple is able to rebuild your teeth with permanent, attached options that will look and feel like your natural teeth.

There are many reasons that a patient, could benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. We have seen patients who require reconstruction due to incidents of severe injury of an impact, it may be a result of severe gum disease, or the damage done due to decay. Whatever your reason is, we can help with the assistance of dental implants. Implants are a dental device made from a biocompatible material that resembles a screw. Dr. Whipple is able to insert, one, two, four, or as many needed to permanently attach a denture device. This process can be performed for either the upper or lower jaws, or both. No adhesives, no loose dentures, no avoiding your regular diet, implant retained dentures can significantly improve your happiness and comfort level.

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